Is This Some Sick Joaquin Phoenix shit?

I went crazy last night. I had no intentions of writing 1000 words about sports. Ew. It just kind of happened. I wouldn’t say I’m Passion Pit about it or anything. I guess you could say I dislike stupid people who do stupid things. What I really wanted to talk about was my trip to New York, and other Drew related topics. So this is a mulligan post or something.

Two of my good friends and I went to New York Saturday. It should have been three of my good friends and I but some bad shit happened to a good person. He will be alright though. The man is a fighter. Any who, we left Maryland at 1 am. The bus was only three dollars for that time so why not take it right? Getting to New York at 4 am and not leaving until 9 pm sounds great on paper. Turns out it is great. Everyone is asking me what we did and then getting upset when I answer, “Walked around Brooklyn mostly. We ate, shopped, got wet.” You’re appalled that we didn’t see any cool attractions. Meh. Seeing attractions isn’t really appealing to me at all. It’s an awesome city no matter where you are. I just wanted to see 30 rock and Times Square. Times Square is just annoying. So many dumb people taking pictured of everything. I didn’t want to see the building or the ice rink at 30 Rock as much as I just wanted to be there. Some of my idols work there. We went to some awesome stores in Brooklyn. Obviously Urban Outfitters and H & M. There is this store called Uniqlo. Some type of Japanese clothing store. Not sure. It is amazing though. Really good prices to. Everyone who says New York is really expensive needs to clarify or read a book. It was all priced just the same as anywhere else. Literally. This would be a nice transition if I didn’t mention it was one. My Life as Liz was just on. I fucking love her. I want her so bad. I really hate how they act like it’s real though. It clearly isn’t real MTV now let me read a real interview with this girl, not some interview with her character. I want to know about her, and if she wrote it or not. Is she Lindsey Bannester. I think she is. Did some research, maybe not. But Lindsey Bannester writes, produces, and created the concept for My Life as Liz. So… Also, If you look up an interview with “Liz Lee,” she is in character. Which freaks me out. Is that in her contract? Is this some sick Joaquin Phoenix shit? Maybe. Either way, I really like the show and I really think she is pretty as hell. Go watch it. Oh you already no you hate it? Fuck yourself. 🙂 I really wish you could turn those off. It just distracts from the rest of the page so much. It’s so yellow. Ugh. A normal smiley would have perfectly expressed my sarcasm there. But that thing, is just so chippy. Like a fucking Sesame Street character or something.

ps~ I’m really impressed that this Lady Gaga song hasn’t leaked. Good work.


~ by drewschuerholz on February 9, 2011.

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