Almost Winning = Winning

Super Bowl!!! Just didn’t care at all. Not before, not after. It just made me angry. Not the Super Bowl itself but what it does to people. Not even that. What sports in general do to people. They are supposed to be fun to watch and cheer for, but they turn people into complete assholes. So before I go on an obnoxiously long sports rant let’s do a quick Super Bowl recap. It was awful. Every part. Game was shitty. If Jordy Nelson could catch it would have been 45-21 Packers. Halftime show was the worst thing ever. I don’t like the Black Eyed Peas, this is true, but that was just pathetic. The show itself was cool I guess. The actually part where they were singing was the downfall. Have a light show next year. The commercials were the best part. Christ I sound like an old lady. Eminem and Chrysler gave me chills, and little Vader made me smile. Moral of the story. Baseball is sooooo close. Okay now onto me bitching for a while.

I like the Ravens, and I don’t really care for the Steelers. Most of my friends are the same way, but they seem to take dislike to a different place.  Apparently, they all HATE the Steelers with an unbelievable amount of passion. Not just the organization , but the players, the fans, and every single person ever related to the city of Pittsburgh. I don’t want to make assumptions about every Ravens fan I know, but most of you haven’t been to Pittsburgh. It’s a nice place. It’s actually a great place. The fans are front runners, sure, but that’s expected in most big cities. You think if and when the Orioles win 85 games this year there will still be 9,000 people there. No. There will be at least 20,000, because people like winners. Can’t do anything about that. Anyway back to Pittsburgh and how you hate everything about it even though you don’t know the difference between the North Shore and the Southside. Maybe you don’t care. That’s fine, but don’t talk shit about the place. So Ben Roethlisberger is a terrible human being. I know that, you know that, everyone in Pittsburgh knows that. They really don’t like him there. You just assume they love raping women because he got accused of it. Get over it.  Ray Lewis killed a man. Jamal Lewis sold drugs to children. Shit happens. If Ben Roethlisberger was on the Seahawks you would’t even care that he was accused of rape. It’s just fucked up.

I get sports rivalries, they make it more fun or something. But to wish bad things upon people who are on the team you hate, or from the city that they call home is fucked up. Actually I’m going to go back and say I don’t get it. I understand that you play one team more than you do other teams so you learn to dislike them more. Okay, thats cool. I like that. But physically hating people because of sports needs to stop. Especially when half of these “rivalries” are horse shit. Nationals Orioles. Stop. 8 games a year. Out of 162. Different fucking leagues. I’m biased I guess because I hate inter-league play, but still. If the Orioles weren’t here we would all be Nationals fans. Redskins Ravens. “You hate the Redskins? Dude me too! Every 4th year when we play them for that 1 game I get so fired up. I just hate them so much. I love watching them fail, because it directly effects my favorite team.” It’s so stupid. And some people who hate the Nationals and Skins are Caps fans. You would think, you would have some respect for your fellow Caps fans other teams. You can’t just like a person on Tuesday and hate them on Wednesday because they are cheering for a different team. Oh and Caps fans hate the Penguins. They aren’t even in the same division. Why do you hate them. Four games a year. Four. out of 82. By the way. Penguins fans laugh at it. They don’t give a shit about the Caps. They care about winning the cup.

That brings me to the one thing that I get screamed at for most. My views of winning. In every sport, every year there is one winner. One. Not two. Not four. One. What did the Ravens and the Steelers have in common this year. They both lost. The Steelers were a better team, sure. Deep down though, they both came up short. I get why you would cheer for a .500 season if your team hasn’t had one in let’s say 17 years, but do not act like you won anything. This is why I hate college football so much. One team wins the national title, yet so many college football fans claim that their teams are winners. West Virginia won the Fiesta bowl in 2007. They should have won the national title. Honestly. So they win the Fiesta Bowl and everyone is happy. What. Why? We won a glorified exhibition game, that literally means nothing. Sure it was a nice purse for the school and the athletes, but I’m a fan, not an athletic director. There are like 45 bowl games. So there are 45 winners. Dumbest fucking thing ever. There is 1 winner. The rest are not. That leads to the NCAA tournament. Super fun to watch. Filling out brackets is a national past time. Everything about it is great. Until people ruin it by crowning four champions. Why the hell do the final four teams get so much glorification in only this. “Because its four out of 64, thats awesome!” Okay, really its four out of, let’s go with 24. That’s impressive sure, but you didn’t win. Why am I the only person who thinks it’s asinine to celebrate being almost champions? How about they give you a trophy for making it to the final four. Literally the same trophy you get for winning. That just defeats the purpose of the trophy. Do you know what Morgan State and WVU had in common in the 2010 NCAA Tournament. They both didn’t win. WVU hung up a banner to celebrate not winning. I don’t know if Morgan State did. Probably. I’m not trying to be a total asshole, I know it’s a great accomplishment. I just really hate how people act like we won something.

That was me ranting about sports. It was horrifying, I know. So from here on out, I will not talk about sports until opening day. April 1st. Until then, back to being depressed and shit. Yay blog!

ps~I could write another 1000 words about how much I hate national signing day, but I’ll keep it simple. You are in high school. I do not give a shit about where you are going to college. The fact that you have narrowed it down to four schools and are waiting for a national television audience to finally decide makes me hate you even more. Maybe I should hate ESPN for filming it, or all the people that watch it. Either way, high school students…


~ by drewschuerholz on February 8, 2011.

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