Put KStew on Skins so I can illegally watch it!

I don’t know how I fucking get writers block so much. This is a blog, writers block isn’t even a thing. I feel like I have so much to say, apparently I don’t. So this is a collection of random thoughts. Or something like that. I haven’t had sushi in like 3 weeks. I need it. That’s really not worth getting into. I could talk about Skins like everywhere else in the world. I like it. I just hate how cowardly America is. “Oh a gay guy…I don’t think that’s a good idea. But a hot lesbian! That’s a great idea!” Come on. That pisses me off more than it should I guess. After watching it I dabbled in the British version for a season. It was really good minus everyone being English. Bitching about that would just be stupid though, I knew what I signed up for. I think comparing the two is justified but not worth anyones time. It’s honestly the same thing, almost word for word. They both have young no name actors, decent writing, and crazy good cinematography. Really, it’s the same damn show. Stop bitching and watch it. The only real difference is that Tony isn’t as good. But that posh bastard was brilliant. It’s not like you can relate anyway. That was me assuming you and I were the same back in high school. We probably weren’t. But lets be honest here, you weren’t having crazy sex, dropping pills and partying every night. If you were, I’m jealous…or something like that.

And now I am out of things to say. Ill look around and see what happens. Oh shit right. Kristen Stewart. I was trying to phase out of that. I thought she got married and raged. Turns out she didn’t, but I figured it was hopeless. You know what? Fuck that. It is going to be so hard to come up with a replacement Drew crush that is as perfect as her. Perfect in the sense that I like her so much, everyone else hates her, and no one gets it. I can’t help it that I like awkward girls. I don’t even know her, that’s just an observation. Either way shes fucking pretty as hell. I’m damn good at defending her too. Might as well keep it up. Plus my Adventureland boner still hasn’t fully gone down. Should we do a picture? Meh. Scroll down if you’re interested. It’s semi not really that complicated to upload a picture. Actually, we can imgur link for convenience. Let’s do that. O M G!! That was childish. I love the third one. I would do sick, disgusting things to hook up with her.  On a semi related note, due to over exposure and consistent gawking from 2 individuals, I am now attracted to Ke$ha. This is me admitting I was wrong. She is hot. Some kind of trashy, rebellious, glittery hot. Plus she has a cute nose ring. So now most of you have 2 reasons to hate me. Fuck off. Haters to the left. A picture of Ke$ha being hot? Done. See, cute nose ring.

My favorite site to illegally download music got shut down yesterday. I still think it’s fake. I mean look at it. That shit looks totally fake. Not that I know anything about government logos and emblems. Did you see that swooping eagle thing in the middle? Just dumb. 4chan has done crazier things right? (UPDATE: It’s back now apparently. So just think of the past) But anyway, I miss it. It was, admittedly, getting pretty ridiculous. When you are linking more dick pictures than music you should probably take a minute to re evaluate life. Either way, I have to google shit now. And find safe links. That shit isn’t easy man. I’m bitching right now about not being able to easily download music illegally. My generation! I guess it’s pretty bad, what I do. I buy albums that I really like. I actually have probably paid for, let’s say 30% of the music I acquired this year. That’s way up from last years 2%. It’s just that I love music, and it would be so hard to buy everything first. Half the shit I listen to isn’t even on the shelves at Wal-Mart. Target rather. Fuck Wal-Mart’s music section. “We only have censored music.” Fuck you for that, really. I get it. Well I don’t, but let’s say I do. I’m over 18. According to the law, I can now by music that includes “bad words.” So let me fucking buy it. Anway, Target doesn’t even sell half the shit I like. I bought 4 albums last year. None of which you could find at Target or Best Buy or anywhere. What do you want me to do,Gg to Record and Tape Traders? Well I did that, but there is only 1 of those. And there is no chance I buy them from the internet. iTunes sucks. The iTunes store anyway. The idea of it is amazing. Too many bugs, and dumb shit though. And what if I don’t like it? I can’t just waste 12 dollars. I’m the same way with movies. People say I don’t give enough movies a chance. Well, if it’s going to be 10 bucks to see a movie, it damn well better be good. You can blame Trasformers 2 for that. Worst fucking movie ever. Seriously. I could do a whole blog on piracy, but I kind of feel like a douche for saying it’s ok. It really isn’t cool. I can’t get behind the “Free StrikeGently” movement. I miss it a lot, but it was way illegal. I can’t defend it. I won’t stop downloading though. I refuse to listen to the radio play the same 14 songs over and over. So I’m torn I guess. I know it’s wrong, but it’s just too convenient. New Lupe Fiasco album on March 8th. I will buy that. I promise.

ps~Get it in, Egypt!


~ by drewschuerholz on February 2, 2011.

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